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a short film by Reid Waterer.

2012 | 15 mins | US.

the sexual mindset of two straight actors playing gay for pay.

Dave says:

You have to hand it to writer and director Reid Waterer of You Can't Curry Love fame, in that he clearly knows how to entertain his target audience and this sensuous short film is no exception.

It tells the story of actors Jacob (Danny Lopes) and Duke (Lawrence Nicols); namely two straight actors contracted to perform in the latest rainbow coloured feature. Clearly uncomfortable with the situation, in spite of having signed along the dotted line, just how will they react when their first day in rehearsal has them getting it on with each other for the film's pivotal love scene?

In a work that cuts to the heart of human sexuality, here we find Waterer ponder the sexual mindset of two straight actors playing gay for pay. Indeed and in as much as this is a work of fiction, I dare say that the scenario itself is an all too real one for many an actor; indeed the very actors cast here who relate their thoughts on getting up close and personal with each other, come close-of-play. Yet it's equally a scenario that Waterer comically delights in, his screenplay having the two actors, strangers to each other, improvising situations to make physical contact with each other all part of a days' work, along the way explaining the motive for each taking on the part, together with showcasing some of the tricks of the trade involved in creating a passionate sex scene without engaging in the act itself.

True, any work of this nature cannot help but shine the spotlight on the Kinsey scale of sexuality and yet, perhaps one of the governing factors of any simulated sex scene, regardless of its sexual orientation, has to be how relaxed the individuals concerned are in being naked on set and in this instance both Lopes, a former Playgirl model and Nicols appear to be well and truly at ease, stripping down to their ever so tight fitting briefs, or alternately out of them altogether. Laced with many a "SO not into that" comment, thankfully the Lopes / Nicols pairing play the whole scenario for all of its seductive worth, their characters ever keen to proclaim their heterosexuality, even if you cannot help but wonder if they do protest too much?

Interestingly, Waterer switches the narrative half way through to the 'film within a film' finished product; that of a 1950s based period piece, as depicted in striking monochrome. All of which makes for a tongue-in-cheek styled insight into the business itself and how in Hollywood a kiss is just a kiss; after all that's why they call it - acting, dear boy.

›› available online as part of the Reid Waterer 'GLOBAL WARMING' shorts collection.
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Gay Visibility - overt | Nudity - the full monty | Overall - file under ... 3+ stars

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