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a short film by Anthony Schatteman.

2012 | 16 mins | Belgium.

a tender take on saying it with pride.

starring: Ezra Fieremans / Jasper, Marijke Pinoy / Martine, Marc Van Eeghem / Luk and Tim Bogaerts as Mathias.

Official Synopsis:

The son of a Schlager singer wants to make his own kind of music.

Dave says:

Jasper's father is a Schlager styled folk singer whose closing number Kiss Me Softly On My Mouth wouldn't be out of place in a repeat screening of Eurotrash. Trouble is, all the attention in the family is focused on his career, making him all but blind to the fact that his son is habitually bullied at school just for being gay; not that his father's views would seemingly be any different. Unlike Jasper's lottery addicted mother who is well aware that something is troubling her son, a situation that finds Jasper seeking refuge in the arms of his boyfriend Mathias. Somehow, something has to give and for talented artist Jasper the time has finally come to make his own kind of music.

In short, this is yet another variant of the coming out scenario, as lover boys Jasper and Mathias do indeed kiss each other softly, and on more than one occasion. Yet for all of the positives of this short film, being well-played throughout with some neat comical turns along the way, this is hardly groundbreaking gay cinema; yet to be fair it never aspired to be. Indeed, with a closing scene that's all but telegraphed from the onset, this makes for a tender take on saying it with pride, even if you cannot help but wonder what happened next, given the look on Jasper's face come close of play is all but yearning for love and acceptance.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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