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a short film by Niels Bourgonje.

2015 | 12 mins | Netherlands.

the hope for reconciliation with an ex-lover.

Dave says:

Directed and co-written by Niels Bourgonje, alongside producer Edwin Goldman, this telling short film follows the life of Jeroen (Daniel Cornelissen); a young man who finds himself being asked by his ex-lover Chris (Tobias Nierop) to accompany him for moral support during his HIV test. Arriving at the clinic, Jeroen's only too happy to attend, somehow hoping that a spark of romance may still simmer below the surface of a relationship that he's never really got over. Only is there any hope for reconciliation with a man seemingly more concerned with his mobile, than being honest with his ex?

Well-played throughout, this short has an achingly realistic feel to it, thanks largely to the fine performances by the Cornelissen / Nierop pairing who between them wonderfully convey the awkwardness of a reunion between ex-lovers, to that of the ever anxious wait for a result that could be life-changing.

Yet whilst Nierop is splendid in his role, this work frankly belongs to Cornelissen whose subtle eye movements all but showcase the inner feelings of a man who clearly wants to turn back time and start over again with his ex. And here the Bourgonje / Goldman boys delight in keeping you guessing, playing the "will they or won't they get back together again" card right up to the shorts' moving close-of-play, letting the result speak for itself. Say no more.

›› available as part of the Peccadillo Pictures shorts compilation BOYS ON FILM #18 - Heros.
›› posted: Thursday, 19th August, 2021.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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