›› The Perfect David - El Perfecto David ‹‹

a film by Felipe Gomez Aparicio.

2021 | 78 mins | Argentina - Uruguay.

the dangers of the pursuit for physical perfection.

Dave says:

From co-writer and director Felipe Gomez Aparicio comes this fragmented work on the dangers of the pursuit for physical perfection.

It tells the story of David (Mauricio Di Yorio); a likeable, if muscular beyond his years young man who spends all too little time with his friends and all too much of the week down at the gym, obsessively lifting weights from morning to night in his desire to gain muscle mass. Only his professional trainer is not the sole one interested in his physique, being all but his artistic mother's muse. Seemingly ever present, in a relationship that's all too tactile for comfort, Juana (Umbra Colombo) is determined that her son will reach physical perfection by his seventeenth birthday. Yet such a goal is beyond natural means, prompting David to opt for chemical shortcuts. But at what cost to his body and soul?

In what is essentially a variant on the dominating mother scenario, here we find Aparicio chart the life of a troubled teenager clearly struggling with his burgeoning sexuality. Yet for all of the muscular torsos on display, the homosexual element of the storyline is vastly underplayed, with the relationship between mother and son the dominant theme. To that end, Colombo is on fine form as the controlling, chain-smoking Mommie Dearest of the piece; her dictatorial presence almost 24/7, forcing her son in a direction of her choosing, one that may or may not be to his own liking.

Only and for all of the positives of this feature, the majority of this work is shot way too dark, with shadows and red lighting creating a moody sense of play, even if some could be left questioning if Argentina was in the middle of a power cut when filming took place. And whilst there's no doubt that Di Yorio in real life has spent many an hour at the gym, his character is hardly engaging, preferring to strike a pose here and there, if not a punch, than say outright whether his love of the male form is a desire for the body beautiful, the adolescent yearnings of a gay teenager, or both? Indeed, for a work intercut with more buffed-to-perfection torsos than what you can shake a waxing strip at, it's as homoerotic as a copy of Penthouse magazine, with the voyeuristic styled cinematography forever teasing you with footage of the male body, yet never revealing what lies below the waist. Then again, that was not Aparicio's cinematic intent. Rather it was to show; albeit without delivering a sermon, how the all-consuming pursuit for physical perfection is a two-edged sword when steroid use / abuse comes into play, complete with its alarming side effects.

All of which leaves you with a film that's played for the main part to the artistic side of the narrative, complete with a twist in its tale that whilst refreshing, is somewhat weird. And that's a shame, given all the ingredients were here for a definitive work on the competitive nature of professional body building, if not the longing of many a man, whether gay or not, to attain the God like looks of an Adonis, only for a series of negatives to prevent it from achieving cinematic gold, or even bronze for that matter. The Imperfect David; indeed.

›› available as part of the TLA RELEASING catalogue: 6th June, 2022 / UK.
›› posted: Thursday, 4th August, 2022.

Gay Visibility - covert | Nudity - mainly from the waist up / brief hardcore footage | Overall - file under ... 2+ stars

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