a short film by Jeff Warden
2007 | 15 mins | US
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a kinky game of sexual revelation
Secrets by Jeff Warden Opening with a keyhole sequence that prompts thoughts of voyeurism, this delectable variant of the Spin the Bottle theme sees five friends, three male, two female, deal a deck of cards, only for two thereafter to promptly head to the bathroom for two minutes worth of sexual intimacy, before someone checks up on them, just to see that everything is ok.

And why wouldn’t it be? Well apart from the fact that two of the group are into getting high on sexual asphyxiation, a playing-with-death scenario that is just too much for Mike to take when Tony and Brad end up alone together. Or is it? For could the rumours that Mike is more attracted to his best friend Tony, than he was to his ex girlfriend Danielle, prove to be true?

Secrets by Jeff Warden Filmed in a penthouse styled apartment normally used for shooting hardcore porn - I kid you not, this message piece from writer and director Jeff Warden has a lot going for it. Not least of which are the realistic turns from the cast of five and inparticular from leads Casey Graf as Tony and Bryan (FAQS / Prayers for Bobby) Endress-Fox aka Ber Fox in the role of the closeted pensive blond hunk of the piece. Only it is Lindsay Gareth as Mike’s ex Danielle who steals the show, teasing the sexuality of her ex lover throughout, determined as she is to play not so much a game of cards, but more a kinky game of sexual revelation. And that’s just the point, given this coming out work with a difference is dominated by the fear of being open with your true self, one that Warden visually equates to asphyxiation, given "you’re basically choking yourself, because you’re fighting to be normal."

Mixing scenes of asphyxiophilia and male tenderness as a result, this well-executed work went on to win the 2007 Hollywood HD film festival prize for Best Short Drama and you can see why, given here Warden delights in playing with the theme, let alone the viewer, inserting shots that on reflection show the end game. For could it be that best friend Tony may have a secret of his own?
Was available on DVD as part of the dearly missed Picture This! catalogue - 'Boys Briefs #5' release
screened as part of the 17th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2003
starring: Bryan Endress-Fox, Lindsay Gareth, Casey Graf,
Najarra Townsend, Dustin Belt
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