a short film by Sébastien Gabriel
2009 | 9 mins | France
›› Omar
a poignant take on sexual prejudice.
Omar by Sébastien Gabriel This in a nutshell is the story of Omar; a closeted young man living in the tower blocks of a city he loves, but which seemingly does not love him back. Ill at ease to be his sexual self, he hides his homosexuality, let alone his love of words from his family and friends, having sought solace in his relationship with a local teen who’s regularly subjected to homophobic abuse, by way of the gang culture that surrounds them. Accidentally seen thereafter in a gentle embrace together, the wrath of prejudice is soon to descend upon Omar, leaving him pondering whether to turn his back on his true sexuality, or the city itself.

Having charmed us with the boys in love scenario of Basket et Maths, delighted us with the homosexual tenderness of En Colo and come out superhero style via Fusion Man, this, the fourth of five Government commissioned works against homophobia returns to the stark reality of life, with this poignant take on sexual prejudice.

Written and directed by Sébastien Gabriel, as based on an idea by Axel Djossou, this is a work that like the feature Forgive & Forget beckons the question of whether it is better to risk it all to finally let your rainbow heart run free, rather than live a lie? That a bloody beating all too often results with many a gay teen going runaway, goes without saying, even if the homophobic violence here is heard, rather than seen. Moving and sadly all too real, goes without saying.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
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[ In French only / no English subtitles ]
[ review #4 of the 5 films in the INPES collection against homophobia ]
starring: Ralph Amoussou, François Civil, Kévin Coélho, Adrien Ruiz, Eriq Ebouaney, Claudia Tagbo,
Bouraouia Marzouk, Charlotte Gabriel, Agatha Couture, Julie Theron, Stecy Lagrenet, Yacine N’Diaye and Sofiane Maati.
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