a film by Claude Pérès
2009 | 98 mins | France
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an intimate insight into human sexual desire.
Unfaithful by Claude Pérès
Official Synopsis:-

Claude Pérès takes viewers on a haunting journey with this groundbreaking erotic work. The premise is simple: Pérès and a man he has never met before will sleep together, while the cameras roll. No contract, no film crew, no boundaries. The end result is a film that challenges viewers to look into the heart of human desire.

Dave Says:-

Pushing his camera and more besides ever closer to, if not over the dividing line between avant-garde cinematography and outright pornography, here writer, director and ever willing participant Claude Pérès invites viewers to a virtual reality show on human sexual desire.

Only that's not the only invitation Pérès extends. As here we find Marcel Schlutt of Otto; or Up With Dead People, Locked Up and many a gay hardcore video credit engage in acts of the type, normally shared between lovers in private. Yet in having posed a series of questions aimed at challenging the hearts and minds of his audience, frankly is there anything other to be seen, outside of two men having, thankfully, safe sex?

Putting that point aside for a moment and as somewhat expected, the dialogue is extremely personal, raising questions over what turns you sexually on / off? Yet perhaps the fundamental question this work poses, is whether or not two strangers can develop some form of feelings for each other, in a one-night stand environment? Only the answer to that issue lies with the viewer, given and whatever the actual bond between the two men be, the core relationship here is between Pérès and his audience. And of that, this is clearly not going to be to everyone's cinematic taste. Shot way too dark in parts and in a minimalism fashion, to say the least, let alone being sexually direct to the ejaculation core, some may view this as a tedious merge between documentary and pornography, that of a "pornumentary" styled work. Others however may view this as an intimate insight into human sexual desire, courtesy of a director who tries "not to live with faith or illusion, so I'm sort of unfaithful." Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - sexually explicit. 
Overall - file under ... 2 stars. 
starring: Claude Pérès as The Director and Marcel Schlutt as The Actor.
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