a film by Caytha Jentis
2011 | 90 mins | US
›› The One
a honest portrait of the rocky road to self-acceptance.
The One by Caytha Jentis Charting more than just familiar love triangle waters, Captain Caytha Jentis steers her ship through emotionally turbulent, if realistic waters.

For this is the story of successful investment banker Daniel; an out-and-proud hunky hetero about to be married to the beautiful Jen, much to the delight of his affluent parents. Only that's just half of the picture, as a drunken reunion with former college buddy Tommy leads Daniel to nights of passionate man-sex and the realisation of his repressed homosexuality. Yet just as Tommy finds himself falling head over heels in love with Mr Straight, much to the concern of his close friend Stephen, Daniel remains adamant that his heart lies with his fiancée. Question is, who will end up by his side on a hot summer day in the park?

The One by Caytha Jentis Shot too dark in places, but generally well-executed, here we find Jentis realistically illustrating the love that one man holds for two people of differing sexuality and that of its heart-rendering consequences. Yet here Jon Prescott plays Daniel all too forced, a somewhat stiff performance that renders the chemistry between him and Ian Novick, delightful in the role of openly gay Tommy, all too one-sided. Thankfully Margaret Anne Florence as Jen is a pure joy throughout, with the scenes between her and newfound best friend Novick full of sparkle and natural charm, even if Jentis' take on Tommy's sexuality by way of girl-with-gaydar Alex, will no doubt prove to be a character step too far for some.

Only in a film that equally plays host to the ever popular "falling in love with your straight best friend" scenario, Jentis bravely opts to showcase the fact that life is full of many a man struggling to hide his homosexual heart behind a heterosexual façade, for whatever the reason or reasons be. Hey, cue Hollywood. And yet reflecting Hollywood, this feature in many ways marks a modern day reworking of Arthur Hiller's breakthrough piece Making Love, as Jentis and to her credit paints a refreshingly honest portrait of the rocky road to self-acceptance. Clearly not for seasoned romantics, the result is a work more relationship drama, than romantic comedy, even if its ending is all but sweet, only not as you would have first envisaged. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek, photographic style. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 07.November.2011
starring: Jon Prescott / Daniel, Ian Novick / Tommy, Margaret Anne Florence / Jen, Natalya Rudakova /
Alex, Kelly Coffield Park / Sandy, Christopher Cass / Daniel's Father, Pierce Forsythe /
Jaime, Michael Emery / Luke and Michael Billy as Stephen.
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