›› You Can't Curry Love ‹‹

a short film by Reid Waterer.

2009 | 23 mins | US.

a Bollywood styled romantic delight.

Dave says:

Playing like a fully fledged feature, this gay romantic comedy is but a lush cinematic ode to love from writer and director Reid Waterer.

It tells the story of Vikas (Ashwin Gore); a London based, if Australian born Indian who has the hots for his boss Thom (Russell Reynolds); namely a Scotsman with a-liking for dropping gay themed double entendres into the conversation, only to hide behind the conformity of his forthcoming marriage when it comes to matters of the homosexual heart. Yet when Vikas is sent to their Indian office, it's Vikas' heart that's taken aback, having been greeted by a hotel receptionist who's more than happy to show him the tourist sights and a lot more besides. Only with his business trip, now turned holiday romance rapidly drawing to a close, Vikas must decide between returning home to the manly embrace of his closeted boss, or to stay in India with Sunil (Rakshak Sahni); aka, the man of his dreams. Just what's a boy to do?

In a work that cannot help but bring a smile to your face, here Waterer notably takes time out from delivering a series of one-liners to shine the spotlight on a myriad of issues ranging from the Indian caste system, to the openness of men holding hands in public, right down to the Bollywood approach to gay visibility itself. Yet it's the pressure of having to be a dutiful - think straight son, let alone the rights or rather lack of them of the transgendered 'hijra' community that strikes a chord here, in a visual mix in which a series of gentle, loving and frequently tactile moments between the two leads act as a celluloid counterweight to the noticeable void of man-on-man lip-service, even if the short itself is gloriously gay to the core.

Sure, it's also a bit corny in parts, but that's all part of the boy-meets-boy charm of the piece, complete with and as to be expected, some Bollywood styled dancing come close-of-play, let alone the entire cast playing the story for all its worth and in particular the Gore / Sahni pairing who excel as the East meets West lovers of the story. A pure romantic delight.

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Gay Visibility - overt | Nudity - from the waist up | Overall - file under ... 3+ stars

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