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a short film by Sal Bardo.

2011 | 20 mins | US.

a poignant lesson on the realization of love.

Dave says:

"How do you get over a relationship that you never had?" is the question that dominates this reflective work from writer, director and actor Sal Bardo.

It tells the story of Nicolas (Chris Damon / formerly Christopher Schram); a twenty-something New Yorker who's wondering how to break the news to his hunky best friend and perhaps more Gregor (Max Rhyser) that he's been invited to the wedding of his one-time best friend Aaron (Matthew Watson); namely a man who he's always had an unrequited crush on, only for the two to have a somwhat acrimonious parting some years ago. It's a conundrum that finds Nicolas turn to his best friend Sophie (Crystal Arnette) for advice, knowing that to say 'yes' to the invitation could see him miss saying a fond farewell to Gregor as he returns, perhaps for good, to San Francisco. Yet Nicolas is a man who's already made up his mind; only has he made the right decision, given this is a man who has always put the love that never was, ahead of the love that could be?

Well-played throughout, here we find Bardo lace his short with a series of lines on life and love and in particular an apt visual definition of the title. Sure, there's the odd negative in the mix, but equally this gloriously gay to the core work is not without its charm, being complete with a series of lush scenes of male intimacy between Damon and Rhyser, together with an ending that by no surprise plays to both the romantic heart and the reality of the situation.

All of which makes for a poignant lesson on the realization of love, which is one way of saying how you can at times only realize you're in love, when the object of your affection is no longer part of your life. Need more be said?

›› available as part of the GUEST HOUSE FILMS short films compilation 'Blue Briefs' / 26th June, 2012 - US.
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Gay Visibility - overt | Nudity - from the waist up | Overall - file under ... 3+ stars

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