a short film by Sal Bardo
2011 | 20 mins | US
›› Requited
a poignant lesson on the realisation of love.
Requited by Sal Bardo Posing the question of "how do you get over something you never had?," here we find writer and director Sal Bardo chart the life of Nicolas; a twenty-something New Yorker wondering how to break the news to his hunky best friend and more Gregor that he's been invited to the wedding of the object of his unrequited high school adoration, knowing full well that to say YES to the invite, could see him miss saying a fond farewell to Gregor as he returns, perhaps for good, to San Francisco. Turning to his best friend Sophie for advice, his mind however has already been made up. Only has Nicolas made the right decision?

Well played by its casting quintet, here we find Bardo lace his short with a series of lines on life and love and in particular an apt visual definition of its title. It is a work that finds co-star Bardo opt for an ending that plays to both the romantic heart and the reality of the situation, even if the narrative is too dialogue driven in parts, having been staged and in the main, akin to a two-man play.

That said, this short is not without its charm, being overtly gay from the onset, reflective to the core and complete with a series of lush scenes of gay affection between headliner Christopher Schram and the eye-candy that is Max (In Between Men) Rhyser, in what amounts to a poignant lesson on the realisation of love. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

›› Available to buy from Amazon.com.
available on DVD as part of the Guest House Films catalogue - 'Blue Briefs' release: 26.June.2012 / US.
starring: Christopher Schram / Nicolas, Max Rhyser / Gregor, Matthew Watson / Aaron,
Crystal Arnette / Sophie and Sal Bardo as Paul.
dedicated "for Rose: 1914 - 2009."
Copyright 2012 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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