a film by Todd Verow
2012 | 80 mins | US
›› Bad Boy Street
a sensuous tale of life and love.
Bad Boy Street by Todd Verow
Adapted Synopsis:-

Taking pity on a hunk of a young man passed out in the street, Parisian Claude offers him a bed for the night, a kindness that the mysterious stranger repays in the morning, by making a play for his forty-something host.

Only is their chance encounter set to develop into something more than just lust?
Bad Boy Street by Todd Verow
Dave Says:-

Fans of the work of controversial writer and director Todd Verow will know what to expect here and sure enough Verow stays true to form, in this sensuous tale of life and love. Only for those not aware of Verow's directorial style, then put it this way, when the opening dialogue finally makes its appearance a lengthy eight minutes in, prepare to be greeted with the line - "stop, you're going to make me cum." Yet this is far from being gay porn, given Verow on this occasion remains surprisingly coy when it comes to scenes of frontal nudity. Indeed and if anything, the bare-arsed styled sex to be had gets in the way of the storyline and frankly that's a shame, given the heart-warming nature of the narrative.

For here we find Verow regular Yann de Monterno and the cutie that is Kevin Miranda every inch the loving pair of the piece, courtesy of a series of touching sequences that vividly capture how on this occasion strangers in the night, become more in the days thereafter. Only for all of their commitment on screen, a cinematic pairing that can be seen again in Cyril (Comme un frère) Legann's short film Consent / Consentement, it is Florence d'Azémar who steals the show as Claude's best and thankfully not stereotypical, "shoulder to lean on" friend Catherine; namely a girl who leaves with the best line in the film.

Complete with lush picture postcard views of Paris by both day and night, including shots of the famed red windmill that is the Moulin Rouge, to and somewhat appropriately the "love locks" of the Pont des Arts, this and by no surprise marks a gay to the core work, one that equally showcases Todd Verow and Jim Dwyer's continuing commitment to digital filmmaking. Sure, it's far from perfect, for like an X-rated version of a Jack in the box, you expect it to burst into acts of hardcore sex at any moment, complete as it is with an at times porno fashioned soundtrack and cheesy title credits. Yet cut away from the exhibitionistic nature of the film and you'll find a tender tale of gay love; that of a closeted American who flourishes in the company of an out and proud Frenchman. In short, there's a lot to like here, including some really nice moments that beautifully detail the growing bond between two men of differing backgrounds, countries and age groups. It's just a shame that the porno aspect of the piece, subtracts from a feature that constructed differently, could have been so much more rewarding.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed styled sex. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue: 22.October.2012 / UK.
also available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing US catalogue: 22.January.2013 / US.
starring: Yann de Monterno / Claude, Florence d'Azémar / Catherine, Kevin Miranda / Brad
and Todd Verow as Michael.
cameo appearance by Cyril Legann as one of the Party People.
official website: bangorfilms.com
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